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Telephone and Internet Services

Want to save money on your business telephone services?

Our customers typically save between 20-40% every month on their telephone and internet services!

Most small business owners are not experts at telecommunications.  Some of the charges that appear on phone bills can be confusing.  What is a EUCL, a PICC, a Universal service charge?  What long distance package should you choose?  Where can you turn to for help?

Our customers benefit from the years of experience we have in reviewing telephone bills and service packages available from a variety of carriers. 

We offer a free, no obligation bill review service that can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your communications services, every year!

Here are some examples of customers we have helped recently:

A local school was paying over $800 per month on telephone and internet services.  We will save them nearly $3,000 next year on their telephone and internet services!  After reviewing their bills, we discovered that they had telephone lines for the fire systems to protect their school's two buildings.  These lines are critically important, legally required to protect the schoolchildren in case of a fire.  However, the telephone company had included these lines in the unlimited features, unlimited long distance package that the school was paying for.  Just think about it, why would a phone line that only dials one number (the fire monitoring company) need features like caller ID, call forwarding, etc.?  These feature charges alone amount to nearly $1,000 per year in service charges to the phone company!


A downtown design company moved to a new location.  The telephone company told them they could not keep their telephone number.  This telephone number was the lifeblood of their company.  Imagine if you had to change the telephone number for your business after years of promoting it!  They had a group of 8 lines, called a hunt group.  When the main line is busy, it rolls over, or hunts, to the second line, then the third line, and so on.  In order to keep their telephone number, they had to purchase a service from the phone company called Remote Call ForwardThis feature from the telephone company will forward one call at a time for a monthly fee of $18.50.  But, since the company had 8 lines in their hunt group, in order to ensure that no calls would get a busy signal, they needed to purchase seven additional call paths, at an additional cost of $18.50 each!  That amounted to nearly $150 per month in additional service charges. We found an alternative that gave them the same service, but saved them over $100 per month!


We work with established carriers including AT&T and Embarq, as well as competitive carriers like Nuvox Communications and Brighthouse Networks.  We also have established relationships with the new breed of VOIP carriers. 

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