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Fiber & Low-Voltage Wiring

Straight Line is a fully-licensed low voltage wiring contractor with installation and optimization services that provide the best available delivery for data transfer, A/V systems and teleconferencing, security systems, and standard phone lines.

Our technicians have decades of experience with wiring services including:

  • Data (CAT5E, CAT6, direct burial, ethernet and wireless access points, fiber optics, multi-mode fiber)

  • Voice & Teleconferencing (phone jacks, VOIP services, new device installation)

  • Audio (background music, intercom systems, paging)

  • Security systems and access control (security cameras, alarm systems)

  • TV (video cameras, multi-unit monitor and display systems, gaming theaters)

  • Custom wiring (if you require a low-voltage wiring solution that isn't mentioned here, there's a good chance we can help)

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