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Security Systems

Straight Line offers customized solutions for a wide range of small, medium, and large business security needs.  Our specialists will make a site visit to help you establish and review your requirements.  From there, we will provide you with a fully customized security plan to ensure we are meeting each and every one of your needs. 

Your peace of mind is important to us, and we can set up coordinated security measures to protect every aspect of your property or properties.  Auto-arming and system monitoring can easily be accessed through a smart phone, allowing you to check in on your property while you are on the move.

We are experienced installers of CCTV & DVR devices, access control systems, alarm systems, and integrated solutions for business data collection.  Whether your needs are a basic alarm system, detailed access monitoring with real-time reports for foot traffic, or remote heating and cooling controls that sync your HVAC to building occupancy your alarm system's status, there are a range of useful technologies we can introduce to help your business run safely and efficiently.

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