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Telephonic communication is still at the heart of business connectivity.  Whether the hardware is found on a desk, run as a softphone through your computer, or based out of the smart phone in your hand, a good phone system is integral to your business' success. 

While this phone technology has been around for a long time, recent advancements allow us to provide customers with better phone services than ever before.  
With a plethora of custom solutions, Straight Line can tailor a phone system to your needs.  Need to seamlessly transfer a call from your desktop phone to your mobile phone?  We've got you covered.  Want a cloud-based VoIP setup for your conference room?  No problem.  Need a modern and reliable desktop system for your call center or office?  Done.  Want an in-building wireless system for clear and consistent reception?  We'll deliver, on-time and on-budget.

In addition to working with a range of competitive phone and VoIP carriers, we provide a variety of tools and applications to complement your phone systems, improve productivity, and save you money.

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