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A New Partnership with Intelisys

Straight Line Communications is proud to announce a new partnership with Intelisys, adding excellent cloud-based telephone systems to its existing range of communication products.

Straight Line Communications' strategic partnership with #Intelisys will add 150 different telecom products to its lineup, including a range of forward-thinking cloud communications services.

Fresh Opportunities and Global Reach

Straight Line aims to leverage the Intelisys product line as it expands into new markets, and it will do so with a new emphasis on vendor-neutral systems. In other words, there will be a renewed focus on products that integrate well with other systems and brands as opposed to tech that is designed to prevent inter-brand compatibility. This should improve our clients' end-user productivity and save significant capital that would otherwise be wasted on engineered obsolescence. At Straight Line, your bottom line is as important to us as your business.

Cloud Communications

Interested in bringing the power and flexibility of the cloud to your business' communication systems? Look no further.

If you haven't considered moving your company's communications into the cloud, it's time to invest in this fast-growing technology. Give us a call today to discuss the exciting opportunities that have been opened up by cloud computing's comprehensive data capture and systems integration capabilities.

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